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Spring Air

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Spring Air

Spring Air Mattresses

Spring Air is an innovator in sleep. Don’t get sucked into the bargain brands like Simmons, Serta, or Sealy. Spring Air provides the highest quality and most comfortable mattresses. Spring Air will last. You’ll spend most of your life asleep, why not enjoy it? Spring Air is made in Iowa, but we heard they’re die-hard Husker fans, so don’t hold it against them. Remember, Leifeld’s offers free delivery, so you could be sleeping on cloud-nine tonight.

Why not a bed-in-a-box?

You might have luck. You might not. You’ve got to be able to try a mattress before you commit. Leifeld’s offers even better delivery than the box companies. You’ll appreciate the far superior quality of Spring Air. When you shop local, you’re also supporting everything that makes Boone County awesome.