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About Us

About Us | Leifeld’s Hardware, Furniture and Floor Covering

Leifeld’s Hardware and Furniture is as much a part of Boone County as the Beaver Creek and good times. We are currently a third generation family-owned and operated business. We’ve grown and evolved with each generation of residents and we continue to provide our customers with the things they need. Those who know us, have always said, “If Leifeld’s doesn’t have it, you don’t need it!”

Joe and Alda Leifeld founded Leifeld’s Hardware in 1926. They doubled the size of the business with the addition of the connected building to the west. They were awesome.

Joe Leifeld and Alphonse Mannelein at the hardware store

Joe Leifeld and Alphonse Mannelein at the hardware store

Joe made another customer happy

Joe made another customer happy

Joe had no kids and left the store Bill and Berneda Leifeld.  Their three boys (Ron, Jim, and Ken) also helped run the store.

Leifeld's always makes a good catch

Leifeld’s always makes a good catch

In 1985, Jim and Jennifer Leifeld bought the store. In 1991, Jim and Jennifer purchased the adjacent Theola’s Tavern and broke through the walls, making Leifeld’s a third bigger! Jim and Jennifer’s children (Jasmine, Lacy, and Daniel) worked the store on the weekends and after school as well.

In 1999, Leifeld’s doubled again by purchasing Qualsett Furniture in Albion.  After a family effort to remodel the outdated store, Leifeld’s Furniture and Floor Covering opened in November 1999. Daniel is Jim and Jennifer’s favorite child!

Thank you for letting us be your local provider for everything you need to make your home…home.

Leifeld's Hardware sells Fireworks
Leifeld’s makes two kids very happy with their fireworks stand.