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Special Orders | Hardware

We’ve Got What You Want

Look, we are a town of 350 people. We can’t carry every big-ticket item. Truthfully, if we don’t have it, you probably don’t need it. But, there are probably some things that you really want and we’d love to help you get them. Come in and talk to Jim about that 10-inch DeWalt Table Saw or 1900 LB trailer you’ve been wanting. We’ll take care of you.

Special Orders Come in Quick

You will only have to wait a few days in most cases to get your item. We receive orders weekly and will call you as soon as the merchandise comes in.

Competitive Pricing

We can usually meet or beat another price on special orders, but you won’t have to drive to go get them. We’re in your backyard and the money stays here. Give us a shot!

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