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“Do we know them?” No. “Then why are you doing that?” Not surprising questions from a five year-old. But it didn’t matter if we knew the person or not. In one way or another, we were neighbors. And that’s what mattered. Thirty years ago, there’s a good chance that I asked my own parents those
Regardless of our age, career path or financial situation, our lives are continually evolving. People may say that life doesn’t happen in rural Nebraska, or that the benefits of city living far outweigh those of small communities. I tend to disagree with both of these stereotypes. Life “before the Burg” as I call it, our
We feel pretty good about what we have to offer our small town, but when named us to their passport program, we were honored. In fact, we still are. Maybe, it is the sheer volume of the hardware department, maybe it is the current styles of furniture, or it could be that Jim has
“Looks like someone was out having fun.” As we pulled onto Main Street, the faint tracks of a snow packed cookie came into view. There was nothing overly special about the tracks, however they were the only sign of life on that bitterly cold evening. I couldn’t help but try to picture this same scene 25 years
If you have ever attended or participated in a road race or walking event, then you understand that community can mean more than a certain location. It’s true that Petersburg is unified by a common desire to thrive among a trend toward urbanization. It’s also true that there are other, micro-communities if you will, existing

Hello world!

So this is our first blog post, and we’re kind of a fish out of water, because this is sort of out of what we’ve always done. We’re excited to make this the home of Page Turner’s weekly column, “Life in the Burg.” We’ll also talk about promotions, projects and more as we move forward.
“Shh, stop and listen for a minute,” I tried to coax my children to stop tearing around in the snow for a few seconds. They were missing out on what could be my favorite perk of living here…but I failed miserably. It’s too close to Christmas and the weather was too perfect to pass up.
Fourth cousins. Fifth cousins. The first 30 years of my life, I never really kept tabs on my second cousins. Around here though, finding out that someone is a fourth or fifth cousin is the norm. And there are a number of people in this town who can spit out the full family tree before
As I sat waiting for a funeral service to begin a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but reflect on the “good” that this person had brought to the world. Although I hadn’t known her very long, I could just feel it: her caring spirit, optimism and faith. With a church full of family, friends
As a kid, I remember watching my dad and our neighbors climb into their straight trucks, combines and tractors to go help after hearing that another farmer had been in an accident or diagnosed with some illness that prevented them from being able to get their crops in. I still have a picture in my